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Thread: Column Report

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    Column Report

    [Originally posted by Martin Miller]

    Hi all! What I'm trying to do should be fairly simple. I'm creating a report that has 4 columns. I’m using the printer.print and separating the columns with the vb command vbTab. The problem lies in column one, in that it is variable, so it can be any length but not much over 25-30 characters. When these different length text fields are pulled in, the columns don’t line up. Does anyone have any ideas how to go about doing this?

    Here is an example of my output:

    Column1   Column2 Column3
    txt_len1 text2 ....etc
    text22_len2 text3

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    Re:Column Report

    [Originally posted by Mikekay2]

    use the textwidth fuction to find the width of the data (set the font of a picturebox to the same as that of the column then use picturebox1.textwidth(column1data) you can then use the space function to make all the widths the same

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    Re:Re:Column Report

    [Originally posted by Martin Miller]

    Ahhhh, very nice. I think that may do the trick. Thanks a lot MKay


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