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    Remote Administration

    [Originally posted by Jonno]

    I know this sounds very dodgy, but basically, i want to develop some server-client software that will allow me to view the contents of a friends computer screen via the internet/his ip address, that is updates every 5 seconds for example. I have been thinking of using winsock for this.

    Just wondering if this an easy task? Any advice? Any examples/urls for information?

    This is purely for use on a friend, and is not some vicious virus!



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    Re:Remote Administration

    [Originally posted by m.posseth]

    it is sure not an impossible task ( but sure as #$^#
    not an easy one in anny programming language )

    but why would you develop something like that ??

    if there are somany tools around that can do the samething and more .....commercial ones like˙ pcanywhere etc etc ,,,,

    and here it comes :-)˙ yes it exists a product that is superiour to the commercial ones˙ a freeware product that can even control linux , unix , solaris machines , macintosh , and even CE
    (oh yeahh uhhh windows 9.x and NT is suported )

    it is called VNC and is developped by AT&T˙ i have used this product for years for remote administration purposes ( it is like a terminal server session , so iow you can control evything you like and works even on win 9.x systems wich terminal server can`t )

    here is the link to download


    happy playing with it !!

    belive me a new world wil open for you :-)

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