I am considering developing a two database architecture, and I am wanting
to know any issues involved in doing this and if this is the best architecture
to follow up with.

Database to be supported
MS SQL Server
MS SQL Server with MSDE

Database 1
Site specific Data is imported daily from a 'master' database
Original data is truncated
Data is Read only
Data is accessed through stored procedures in Database 2 only

Database 2
70% of tables in database 2 are mirror images of Database 1
tables because original data must be maintained
Data is exported daily to 'master' database'
Data can be inserted
Data can be deleted/updated if it has not been exported
Data is deleted if data has been transferred to Database 1 on
an import
Data in Database 1 that needs to be changed is saved in
Database 2 along with any related data
Data is accessed through stored procedures only

Note: currently testing viability of accessing data in Database 1 from a
stored procedure in database 2