I'm new to relational database design and I was wondering if someone could
help me with the following problem:

I have to create a database that has to account for meetings that are held
and all the information pertaining to those meetings. So let's say we create
a table called 't_meetings'. In this table you would have fields like
member_id, etc... My question is if I design a "meeting" table, every
record in that table is going to represent 1 meeting -- this is what I do
*not* want because I must have duplicate meeting ID's since many members can
attend the same meeting - so having a meeting id as the primary key would
not work. What I want is a design that will allow me to get information
about different members of a certain meeting (like who attended, and what
they bought, etc.) -- I need a better way of thinking about this.

IOW, if you had to create a table that is used to track what happens at a
meeting, how would you go about it?

Does this make sense? Please, any ideas are helpful

thank you