I am trying to optimize my database through the correct definitions of Indexes.
Here is an example:

I have a table that contains the following fields:
Bid_cd ; This is just a integer value (also the Primary Key) to give the
row a unique key identifier. (I never query on this value)

Item_cd ; This is the item_cd for the item which a user bid on. (There will
be multiple row entries with the same item_cd as there will be multiple users
bidding on the same item) (I query the database once each evening for specific
item_cdís to a get a list of all the bids on a respective item)

Member_cd; This identifies the member that placed this particular bid. (I
query on this when a user attempts to replace a bid on an item they currently
bid on OR are changing updating/changing their bid)

Bid price; (never query on this)

qty; (never query on this)

biddate; (never query on this)

How should I set up the indexes on the above for best performance (Unique
with constraint or Index, Clustered, Non Clustered)? Does anyone know of
a good article, not written for the database scientist , which give good
outlines as to how to do this?