I'm using MS Access 2000. I’m trying to create a combo box that is tied to
a query that asks for a begin date before the query will run. What I want
to do, is enter one date in an unbound text box on the form the combo box
is on then have my query for the combo box use that date to run the query.

Assume the text box is “Text1794”

These are the Query Statements that I have tried in the row source of the
combo box

SELECT [tblStaff].[StaffId] WHERE [tblStaff].[BeginDate] = [frmScheduleDevelopmentForm].[Text1790]

SELECT [tblStaff].[StaffId] WHERE [tblStaff].[BeginDate] =

When I check the combo box for drop down selections I keep getting this error

“Syntax Error (missing operator) in query expression”

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.