I'm currently investigating the support for Wireless Profiled TCP in the
Pocket PC TCP/IP stack.

Wireless Profiled TCP (WP-TCP) is currently beeing discussed by the WAP-Forum
and will be part of the next generation of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

WP-TCP is standard TCP but with the use of some optimizations to make TCP
behave better in a wireless environment. Specifically a number of standard
RFC are pointed out.
These are:

Basic RFCs:
RFC 793, RFC 1122, RFC 2581 (MUST)

Additional RFCs:
RFC 1323, Window Scale Option (MUST)
RFC 1323, Time Stamp Option (SHOULD)
RFC 2414, Large Initial Window (MAY)
RFC 2018, Selective Acknowledgement (MUST)
RFC 1191, Path MTU Discovery (SHOULD)
RFC 2481, ECN (MAY)

Does anyone knows what support the TCP/IP stack has for these RFCs? Also
if some of the RFC are supported are the mechanisms enabled or disabled by
default? Is there any possibilty to configure some of these parameters in
the Pocket PC stack(in win 2000 you can enable and disable the supported
mechanisms in the registry)?

In addition to the RFCs i would be really intresting to know if there is
any way to alter the size of the TCP buffer.

I don't know if i'm asking this question in the right forum so if anyone
know about other forums, tips would be must appreciated.

Also does anyone know who to contact to get some more answers?


Mikael Nyberg