The decline and eventual demise of the Relational Model of Data

A presentation and discussion for journalists, analysts, influencers
and special interest groups

Thursday May 31 Presentation 6:30pm - 7:30pm
The Black Horse 6 Rathbone Place, London
Drinks and cold buffet
Upstairs Private Room

Presenter: Simon Williams
Inventor of the Associative Model of Data and
Chief Executive of Lazy Software Limited

· The Relational Model of Data, now over thirty years old, is the foundation
of almost every commercial database today.

· The challenge of the Object Model of Data has faded and the economic case
for adopting the hybrid Object/ Relational technology is unproven.

· So is the Relational Model the last word in database architecture?

· Simon Williams will present the case that the Relational Database is fundamentally
unsuited to the internet age and has begun an inevitable decline.

· Every new relational database application needs a new set of programs written
from scratch. This is expensive and labour–intensive and unmaintainable
in the growing skills shortage.

· Simon invented the Associative Model of Data, which is claimed to be the
first major advance beyond the Relational Model.

This promises to be a debate of great interest for those of you following
the fortunes of the database market. Simon is a highly knowledgeable and
entertaining presenter. Copies of his recently published book, the Associative
Model of Data, will also be available on the day.

If you’d like to attend, please either register at or contact
George Palmer of The EuroPR Group;
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We look forward to seeing you at The Black Horse.