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    Dennes Torres Guest

    How can I know the domain name in wich user has loged ?


    Using API I can discover the machine name and the user name, but How can
    I discover the domain name ?

    I'm creating a security system. In this system the administrator can, with
    my application, configure wich nt/2000 users will have access to the application.
    So the application will not have a login screen, it will grant the access
    (or not) depending of the user logged in.

    But I will have problems if the application run in a computer outside the
    domain, so a hacker could create user accounts with the same name of users
    that have full access and the security will not work.

    So, I have two options to solve this problem :

    A) Compare domain names
    B) Compare users SID's

    How can I do that ?

    Obs: Sory by my english, I don't speak english well


    Dennes Torres

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    Karl E. Peterson Guest

    Re: How can I know the domain name in wich user has loged ?

    See the NetDomain.zip sample on http://www.mvps.org/vb
    [Microsoft Basic: 1976-2001, RIP]

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