forcing the comm port close

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Thread: forcing the comm port close

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    forcing the comm port close

    [Originally posted by andre]

    Say I have an "external" program,one I have not written, that access comm port 2 and I have another program, which I wrote in visual basic, who also wants to access that port. How do I go about forcing the comm port close?

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    Re:forcing the comm port close

    [Originally posted by John Citizen]

    From what i am aware, if another program has a comm port open you can not access it or close it.

    I would say it is impossible without terminating the other program or rebooting. However i last time i said something couldnt be done i was proven wrong.

    I do a lot of comm work and generally if a comm port is open by another program a simple message stating the comm port is in use is all you can do.

    John Citizen
    Neocom IT

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