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    shachar Guest

    my mdb file size is huge!

    hi all.
    i have a 25 MB mdb file.
    after adding 2 forms and 2 query's to the mdb it is now 31 MB !!
    i already compacted it, but still it's huge!

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    Chris Hylton Guest

    Re: my mdb file size is huge!

    First, did you include any 'graphics' on your new forms ?

    That gets imbedded in the MDB file and if it was a large graphic, just adds
    to the size of your file. If you did do this, try removing the graphic and
    load it on the fly instead of having it loaded on the property page of a

    Second, if it's a data issue that compact should have solved...did you use
    a VB compact or the compact from inside MS Access ?

    The compact from VB doesn't always give the same compression/compact level
    as the one from Access. The same is true for the JetComp.exe program that
    can be downloaded from Microsoft, doesn't work as well as the one in Access.
    Don't ask me why, but I've confirmed this NUMEROUS times over the years
    working with Access backends, the only compact that really works well is
    the one 'within' Access.

    Those are two things to check into...outside of those, I'd have to say there
    are extra tables or data there that you aren't aware of...maybe something
    in your new form or query has caused a cartesian product in an insert statement
    or other similar problem in a loop...either of which could cause more data
    than expected to get loaded to a table.


    "shachar" <muli4@zahav.net.il> wrote:
    >hi all.
    >i have a 25 MB mdb file.
    >after adding 2 forms and 2 query's to the mdb it is now 31 MB !!
    >i already compacted it, but still it's huge!

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