The collection of articles here on cell phone radiation is very interesting
and useful. This is a very important issue as users and developers plunge
full into this new tech arena. I urge folks to read all of these articles.
This is not a trivial consideration.

I am very unreassured at the guidence offered by IEEE in establishing minimal
levels of cell phone radiation. IEEE is a group of professional industry
engineers, not scientists. They are not qualified to undertake biometrics
and assess biological risks of radiation exposure.

The article, "Einstein, Your Cell Phone and You" is a good case in point.
The author focuses solely on photon wave activity in the abstract. There
is no reference to biological systems nor to the dynamics of a cell phone
- body system. It's a great intellectual exercise in nothingness.

The one article offered here that seriously discusses the scientific evidence
and concerns ("Cell Phone Convenience or 21st Century Plague?") is, in fact,
quite alarming. It's clear that a lot of further research is needed and
just as clear that there are serious indications of a radiation problem here.
The article is a very good depature point for further serious investigation
into this question.

Although I'm a computer professional, my undergraduate and graduate studies
were in evolutionary biology. In particular, I studied 600 million years
of organic evolution and genetics. The very origin of life on this planet
was, in fact, due to the action of low-level ultraviolet radiation on prebiotic
molecules in the sea. Radiation at any level is not a trivial or inconsequential

I urge DevX folks to consider this matter carefully and seriously. You will
be using and developing for these products and you will probably have maximum
exposure to them. It would be nice to think everything is hunky-dory, as
the vendors would like us to think, but if it ain't, the problem will be
yours, not IEEE's.

Thanks to Jeromy Hill for providing the material for discussion.