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    how to make recordset opening faster

    [Originally posted by Liju John]

    iam using a big msaccess table with around
    80 thousand records. when i try to open this
    table using a recordset object, it takes a
    a lot of time (around 10 seconds). how can
    i reduce this time taken without effecting
    the behaviour of the recordset object.
    i want to apply it to both readonly and readwrite
    recordset objects.
    please reply

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    Re:how to make recordset opening faster

    [Originally posted by m.posseth@work]

    do a specific SELECT on the table to retrieve the records you actually need

    specify the fields you need instead of using a * name them individually ( unless you really need them all ) so˙ SELECT Custnr , Custname etc etc etc˙ FROM Invoices WHERE custname like 'bla%'

    make sure you have good indexes on the table the fields in the WHERE clause should be indexed for instance

    improve you performance by using JOINS instead of subquery`s where possible

    for reading data use a firehose cursor

    Another aproach is getting your data asynchroon
    in this way you can fill a datagrid , or do your stuff while the rest of the data is still getting retrieved in the background ( your programm wil have an inmediate response˙ )

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    Re:how to make recordset opening faster

    [Originally posted by Mike Lyons]

    I will second the suggestions by m.posseth.

    Of course, I've worked with Access tables for nearly a decade, and 10 seconds for 80000 rows is not too bad.˙ There will come a point where the bottleneck may be in the system (hard drive speed, available memory, CPU speed, fragmentation).


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