I have a question that I would be very happy to get some input about.

This is the case: I want to develop an application that reads records from
an Access database and then inserts these records into another database
(DB2, but that's unimportant for my question).

At this moment I first read all records into a VB Collection and after that
I loop through this collection and insert into the second db. My first
question is if someone have any clue if this procedure takes more/less time
compared to if I should have choosen a solution where I insert every record
into the other db after each one is read from the Access db (in that case I
don't need to use a Collection to store the data in). I can't see the reason
why my solution should take more time, but I'm not sure...

My second question: I have made a progress bar so I can monitor the read
operation from the Access db to the VB collection. The problem is that the
read operation is decreasing in speed all the way through. I guess that this
is due to that the available RAM decreases, any other explanations? Is there
any possibility to solve this or at least make it go faster? I didn't think
that the speed should decrease that much since the data I read into the
collection is only allocating approximately 2-6 MB?

VERY grateful for suggestions about these questions.