Dear VB Pros and Friends:

Questions about MSHFlexGrid with VB6.

adoRSAnalysis as ADODB.Recordset and has 5 fields, each is assigned to mshflexgrid
from column 1 to 5.

Column 1 is the ItemName, Columns 2 to 5 are the numbers, and Column 6 is
the total for columns 2 to 5.

Question 1: How to get the row total and show it on column 6?

Question 2: how to get the column total for columns 2 to 5 on the last row
(let¡¯s say, there are 20 records).

They should look like this:

ItemName Column1 ... ... Column5 Total

Column 6 and the last row with ¡°Total¡± are the run-time results.