Can anyone teel me why the following code generates the run-time error 3061.
"Too few parameters. Expected one."

This error is generated every time I try to execute the query in VB6.

No other errors are generated.

Private Sub cmdSelectCAR_Click()
Dim dbsCA2000 As Database
Dim strSQLSelectCAR As String
Dim qdfSelectCAR As QueryDef
Dim strParam As String

strParm = "PARAMETERS [Enter CAR Number] TEXT; "

strSQLSelectCAR = "INSERT INTO Temp ( [CAR Number], Assignee, [Date Issued],
[Date Due], [Date Closed], [Reject Tag Number], Customer, [Part Number],
[Shop Order Number], [Quantity Rejected], [CAR Received], [CA Approved By],
[Effective Date], [Follow-Up Req'd], Nonconformity, [Root Cause], [Corrective
Action], [Follow-Up Action], Notes )" _
& "SELECT [Corrective Action Request].[CAR
Number], [Corrective Action Request].Assignee, [Corrective Action Request].[Date
Issued], [Corrective Action Request].[Date Due], [Corrective Action Request].[Date
Closed], [Corrective Action Request].[Reject Tag Number], [Corrective Action
Request].Customer, [Corrective Action Request].[Part Number], [Corrective
Action Request].[Shop Order Number], [Corrective Action Request].[Quantity
Rejected], [Corrective Action Request].[CAR Received], [Corrective Action
Request].[CA Approved By], [Corrective Action Request].[Effective Date],
[Corrective Action Request].[Follow-Up Req'd], [Corrective Action Request].Nonconformity,
[Corrective Action Request].[Root Cause], [Corrective Action Request].[Corrective
Action], [Corrective Action Request].[Follow-Up Action], [Corrective Action
Request].[Notes]" _
& "From [Corrective Action Request]" _
& "WHERE ((([Corrective Action Request].[CAR Number])=[Enter CAR Number]));"

Set dbsCA2000 = OpenDatabase("c:\vb samples\ca2000\CA2000.mdb")

Set qdfDeleteTemp = dbsCA2000.CreateQueryDef("", strSQLSelectCAR)

dbsCA2000.Execute strSQLSelectCAR
End Sub

Thank you in advance.

Steven A. Kocon