Dear friends,

If I wanted to open up a form that is created in Access, how would I write
the code?

Dim adoconnection As ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
Dim connectstring As String

Set adoconnection = New ADODB.Connection
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset

connectstring = "provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.3.51;" _
& "data source=L:\vbInventory\inventory.mdb"

adoconnection.Open connectstring

See here is where I find myself lost in the sense that I want to open a specific
form in my inventory.mdb. I have the connection but I want to know how I
should write a code to open up the form called Inventory. What I want the
user to be able to do is go from VB to my Access database and work within
my Access database.

See, I have set up my Access App. to open through the use of STARTUP, opening
at the Inventory form and have created specific toolbars for the user to
go through by database from there on.

I just need some help going from VB 6 to Access, how do you go about writing
the code for this? Can you or someone else please help me here?

Thanks in advance,

Junior Programmer