i have read the artical "Sending SMS Messages from Terminal Devices"
by Al Pritchard. i find it very useful & easy. i tried it using a Nokia
Card Phone V2.0.

i am getting the responses from the card phone, but my message is not going

in the code given by Al Pritchard,

( go to http://www.devx.com/wireless/article...MSap112100.asp for reference.)

/// sample code

' Now send the text to the phone and terminate with (Ctrl-Z)
MSComm1.Output = "This is a test. WOW! "
' The phone will respond with a conformation containing
' the 'message reference number' eg. +CMGS:

/// end

when i used this command, the phone responded with the
text "This is a test. WOW! "
not with +CMGS: some number

i think i am not properly ending the message,

i dont know how to terminate with CTRL + Z

can anyone suggest me how to terminate message with CTRL+Z?

thanks in advance