Hi listmembers,

I have the problem with displaying the query I got from the recordset. What
I want to do is diplay all the value (of HCAD field) that match the query
in a combobox and the first value of other fields that it can find in other
labelboxes. Then if the user pick other value from the list in the combobox,
the value in the labelbox need to be changed associate to the value in the
combobox. Please help me to do that. My English is bad, so you probably
get a better idea of what i'm trying to do through my code. Thanks in advance


Set rsResident = cnResident.Execute("SELECT * " & _
"FROM res_summary WHERE region = '" & strInput & "'")

If not rsResident.EOF Then
Do Until rsResident.EOF
Form1.cboHcad.AddItem rsResident!hcad_num
Form1.Label10.Caption = " " & rsResident!region
Form1.Label14.Caption = " " & rsResident!curr_owner_name

Form1.Label15.Caption = " " & rsResident!location_no & " "
& rsResident!location_name
End If