Connect access2000 to vb6

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Thread: Connect access2000 to vb6

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    Jason Douglas Guest

    Connect access2000 to vb6

    I am trying to connect an access 2000 database to vb6. What is the easiest
    way to do it.

    Thank you in advance


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    Sanjiv Guest

    Re: Connect access2000 to vb6

    Hi Jason!!
    There are number of ways to connect to the Access
    Eg : Through DataControl ,Through an odject (Database object),ODBC ...etc.
    HOw would you like to connect.

    If you want to connect through a control then place the conrtol on the form
    and set its database properties according to your nee to
    set (i)Database Name (ii)RecordSource

    If you want to connect through a object the nhere is the code:

    Dim wrkJet As Workspace
    Dim dbsNorthwind As Database
    Dim dbsPubs As Database
    Dim dbsPubs2 As Database
    Dim dbsLoop As Database
    Dim prpLoop As Property

    ' Create Microsoft Jet Workspace object.
    Set wrkJet = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", "", dbUseJet)

    ' Open Database object from saved Microsoft Jet database
    ' for exclusive use.

    Set dbsNorthwind = wrkJet.OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb", _

    Hope This will serve your purpose.
    All the Best

    "Jason Douglas" <> wrote:
    >I am trying to connect an access 2000 database to vb6. What is the easiest
    >way to do it.
    >Thank you in advance

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