I want to Secure my Data base which is distributed with my VB application
. I am using ADODB connection to connect with my databae, but i am unable
to open it .This password is for only data base security .My code is as follows.
Private Sub Form _Load()

set myConn = New adodb.Connection

strconnect = App.Path & "\wisdom\dbc.mdb"


myConn.open strConnect, "Admin" ,"password",

End Sub

Private sub Listbookonly-DBlclick()

strAnswer = Listbookonly .Text

Set myRS = New adodb.Recordset

StrSQL = "Select [Title] , [Name of Book], [Page number (E)] from Hikmat
where [Name of Book] like "&"'%" & StrAnswer &"%"'

myRs.open strSQL ,myconn,adOpenKeyset,adLockOptimistic,adcmdText

End sub

Where Hikmat is the name of my table in database dbc.mdb
Please suggest is any syntax error or some other code is needed