The format of Date/Time settings in Access are dependant on the regional
settings in Windows. The same goes for the NOW command in VB. Try using
NOW and then change your regional settings then run NOW again... NOW is now

When using VB how can I ask Access, Windows, or VB what format is being used?
I could handle this by telling Access not to use the regional date/time
settings. I don't know how to do either of these or if they are even possible.

I'm looking for a simple API call or something in VB such as now.format?


Here is a little background in order to understand why I can not force the
users to a given regional and/or application setting.

I am having problems with users in other countries making changes to their
regional settings and then the date/time format in the Access datebase changes.
VB is not able to correctly determine date formats such as 01/02/01. Is
it Jan 02, 2001 or Feburary 1st, 2001. In some countries they really get
odd and use ( So then what is 01.02.02?

When my application applies a users date/time format they can set within
the application... there is no way to determine format Access is using without
knowing the regional date/time setting used in Windows.

I do have the option of removing the date/time setting in Access and just
use a string that I can control in my VB code. This would require a little
more coding that I'd like, but I can go this route if necessary.