In the final report after building the VB 6.0 application using Packaging
wizard, I am getting the following

After building the package using the packageing wizard, in the final report
I am getting the following message:

You have included mdac_typ.exe in your installation package. if you will
be installing this package on a windows 95/98 system, it will require DCOM98
to install properly.Kindly let me know what should I do in this situation.
I have DCOM98 with me, but how can in integrate it with my application and
install it before my application istallation.Kindly help me.

Ingoring the dcom98 message, After installing my application on the user
system and while running the program I am getting the following error
Run time error '430'

I have used ADO control in my progam. Where actually is the problem in my

please help. this is very urgent.

Thank you in advance.