Have a combobox with a bunch of lists in it. This list pertains to columns
in a Access DB table. What I would like to do is when a user selects the
item in the combo box the fields under the column name will pop up in a list
box. I've tried several things, but nothing seems to work. The last attempt
I had I boound the list box to a data control and the combo box to the list
box. Then in Combobox_change method, I put variuos codes:

list1.datalist= Select " & combo1.text & " From Products"

and I also tried this code:

data1.recordsource= "Select " & combo1.text & " From " data1.datamember

Nothing seems to work. I'm new to vb but I'm trying to do complex things
(at least I think they're complex!)

Thanks for any help