Hi, I was someone could give me some direcion on a project I am doing.
I am trying to distribute an SQL database. I have have coursework in C++
and visual basic but do not own Visual studios,just Visual InterDev.
I need a program in visual basic or visual C++ that displays information
from the SQL database.
The database can be MSDE Microsoft Data Engine.I need to write (or have someone
partially write) the program as well as an installation program to redist
the necessary files to run the program. (i.e. The exe itself, the VB runtime,
the MSDE engine, and any other required files)
Since I am just starting I do not have access to alot of resources and am
looking for the most efficient way to accomplish the task.
The task is to redistribute an SQL database thru the internet to other cmputers
that may or may not have SQL installed so that they may query it.
Can you be of any assistance? I would appreciate any help you can give.