HELP!!! I have a datacombo box that is connected to one data source and several
text boxes that are connected to another data source. When I select a new
name from the combo, the new data shows up no problem in the text boxes.
My problem is that when I exit the program, if I leave any other selection
showing other than the first name in the combo box, it changes my database
and erases the first name in the combo box and replaces it with the last
name selected. For example, if "John Doe" is the first name and "Jim Smith"
is the second, and I leave the combo selection on "Jim Smith", when I exit
the program, my database now has 2 records that have "Jim Smith" as the name
field. However, all of the other data (address, phone, etc) is still correct
for "John Doe." Does anyone know what I should do to prevent an update to
this particular data source?