I was wondering if any of you out there can help me out please...
I have a stored procedure which comprises of a UNION of two SELECT statements
storing the results into a temporary table (#Table)...

Using ADO I call the stored procedure passing the results into into a recordset.

Until now using normal SELECT statements in my Stored procedures I've had
no problems. Using the more involved SELECT/Temp table use, Ive struck a
problem. I now get the message
"Operation is not allowed when object is closed"

Now I've tested the exact code switching the Stored Procedure name with
a stored procedure used previously and it works fine. I went back to the

problem stored procedure and removed the line :
DROP Table #Table ..thinking its dropped the results before sending it to
the recordset...to no avail..

My VB referring to the stored procedure call is as follows :
adoCommand.CommandText = "StoredProcedure"
adoCommand.Commandtype = adCmdStoredProc
adoCommand.Name = "MultipleResults"

Set adoCommand.ActiveConnection = adoGlobalConn
adoGlobalConn.MultipleResults rstGlobal

do while not rstglobal.eof <----- error Above given here

(My record set is Static, LockBatchOptimistic....)

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks in Advance,