Can anybody shed light on this problem please.
I have created an Access 97 database and have my vb6 application talking
to this MDB file using DAO. The finished EXE file will reside on individual
users c: drive and the DB sat on a network drive. I require to set up a multiuser
environment and have users to login etc.

I've tried to secure the DB using the MDW (Workgroup file) but this locks
out all users from opening other Access programs they have on there c: drive.
ie. locks at application level and not program level.

I thought using DAO would be more productive but now think perhaps I should
of used ADO.

How do I setup a sucure DB, allowing users to open other access programs.
I think the answer lies in pointing the vb code to the MDW file and changing
this back after quiting my application.
Can anybody point me in the right direction, or where I can find some answers.
(Books, sites etc).
Thanks very much.