It's really down to HTML, Javascript & Cascading Style Sheets, and
even then you need a v4.x browser.

There's plenty of stuff that doesn't work, like background images in
tables, etc. I've never seen a good list, just little bits & pieces.

Track 'em all down & make a website - a sure-fire winner!


"Craig C." wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Does anyone know where I can find a list of the features that each of the
> most popular individual browsers support??? In other words, I know IE 5.0
> supports stuff like DHTML, VBScript, etc., and yet Netscape supports
> JavaScript, but not DHTML, etc., etc. I'm hoping to find a "laundry list" of
> (hopefully) all of the browsers and there different versions, complete with
> the standards that there are / were capable of. It would sure make my web
> page development easier !!! Thank you, have a great day!!!
> Craig C.