I'm reasonably new to VB (and VC++ for that matter), and need some help in
keeping a VC++ application DLL in the same directory as my VB application.

Previously I wrote a project using VB, and created a VC++ dll with a few
of the most-used routines for speed. I referenced these routines using 'declare'
statements, and set the current drive/directory to the app path before calling
the first function. This allowed me to keep the support DLL in the same directory
as the application.
I've recently learned about type libraries, so I thought I'd use one on my
current project, to replace my use of declare statements. Problem is, the
VB app can't find the DLL file even though it is in the same directory as
the application - I have to put it in the Windows\System directory, which
I do not want to do.
Is there any way that I can use type libraries *and* keep my VC++ dll in
the same directory as my application, rather than putting it in Windows\System?