I thus far have collected two books on VB 6. Though not specifically on VB
Database, these books (as well as the ones I borrow from the library) have
me confused when I try to equate what I learned about normalisation with
what is in these books.

In my normalisation studies at school I had a ball of a time making those
extra boxes and things on sheets of paper. I'd often delight in find many to
many relationships and then splitting them up with join tables. I was the
guy that had all the other students in my class groaning while my teacher
had a strange smile on his face.

Yet these VB books I've seen seem to encourage me to "de-normalise". I
can't seem to find a book that explains how to make a query work for three
tables (i.e. a many to many split into three tables) as well as having it
connected to a Master/Detail form in VB 6. Is there such book that will
help me to still have fun with data normalisation to my heart's content
while still be able to use them with queries in VB6?

Should I look at WROX Press? The two I have are from QUE Books and Thomas
Learning, both very good books but still somehow lacking in that something
"special" or , dare I say, "sensual".

I've been using MS Access 2000 as a back end but I may try using VFP 6 as a
back end soon.


Peter Mount