Hi Peter,

Have you tried Amazon.com ? If not, have a look. Most of the books avialable
on amazon have reviews. Maybe you'll find something you can use.
You can also try www.ak2.com.au

Happy hunting,

PS ! The springboks are gonna whip your boys Saturday......

"Peter Mount" <pmount@iprimus.com.au> wrote:
>I thus far have collected two books on VB 6. Though not specifically on

>Database, these books (as well as the ones I borrow from the library) have
>me confused when I try to equate what I learned about normalisation with
>what is in these books.
>In my normalisation studies at school I had a ball of a time making those
>extra boxes and things on sheets of paper. I'd often delight in find many

>many relationships and then splitting them up with join tables. I was the
>guy that had all the other students in my class groaning while my teacher
>had a strange smile on his face.
>Yet these VB books I've seen seem to encourage me to "de-normalise". I
>can't seem to find a book that explains how to make a query work for three
>tables (i.e. a many to many split into three tables) as well as having it
>connected to a Master/Detail form in VB 6. Is there such book that will
>help me to still have fun with data normalisation to my heart's content
>while still be able to use them with queries in VB6?
>Should I look at WROX Press? The two I have are from QUE Books and Thomas
>Learning, both very good books but still somehow lacking in that something
>"special" or , dare I say, "sensual".
>I've been using MS Access 2000 as a back end but I may try using VFP 6 as

>back end soon.
>Peter Mount