I'm importing a text file (which is a data extract) into a MDB database using
VB and a schema.ini file. My problem arises when I import a varchar field
(text) which contains a quote character ( " ). This throws VB off for some
reason and stops the importing of the line. It later resumes.

Is there any way to have VB change the ( " ) character to a single quote
( ' ) upon importing? We'll be doing this import process once a week and
we don't want to be going through and finding ( " )'s in the file all the

So I need somehow for the application to ignore any imported ( " )'s and
change them to ( ' )'s. Here's the SQL-ish statement we're using to import:

"SELECT * INTO [" & stTable & "] FROM [Text;DATABASE=" & stTxtPath & _
"].[" & LCase$(stTable) & ".txt]"

Uses the schema.ini file to import those fields, here's the outtake of the
relevant part of the schema.ini file:

Col1=Plant_Code text
Col2=Part_Number text
Col3=Part_Description text
Col4=System_Lead_Time long
Col5=Lead_Time long
Col6=Operation_Number text
Col7=Operation_Description text
Col8=Operation_Type text
Col9=Operation_Dept_Code text
Col10=Planned_Time double
Col11=System_Planned_Time double
Col12=Prime_Alt_Number text
Col13=Product_Center text
Col14=Resource_Dept_Code text
Col15=Resource_Code text
Col16=Weight_Factor double
Col17=Resource_Type_Code text
Col18=Resource_Qty long
Col19=Resource_Utilization long
Col20=Oper_Metric_Type_Code text
Col21=Oper_Metric_Range_Code text
Col22=Oper_Cycle_Average double
Col23=Oper_Cycle_Span double
Col24=Oper_Cycle_Std_Dev double
Col25=Oper_Cycle_Sample_Size long
Col26=Avg_Rewk_Repr double
Col27=Oper_Cycle_Q3 long
Col28=Avg_Setup_Hrs double

The file is ( | ) delimited (as shown above) and it works fine except for
the lines where certain fields (like the description fields) have a ( " )
in them.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.