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    Jan 2006

    Question Accessing VB dll from VC++

    I have developped windows dll from VB. (The site http://www.windowsdevcenter.com/pub/...ll.html?page=3 gives a way to generate windows dll from VB). when I try to access it from VC++, it gives run time error as access violation. But I can access it from VB client

    If anybody knows the solution to access the DLL in VC++ , created from VB please let me know


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    Jan 2006
    In my opinion, you just try to complicate your life. Normally people do the reverse, cause VB is very good to create GUI, and VC++ is very convenient to create classic DLL. I mean if you're VB programmer, do it all in VB, and if you're C programmer, do it all in VC++.
    But if you really want to do it for whatever reason, pay attention to use only basic type in the parameter. Even string for me brings problem (the COM used BSTR instead of that VB string for exchanging). Sorry, if it doesn't help much (but the logic is you can't control the pointer in VB while you have to do it in VC++).

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    Thanks for your reply, But I need this for an issue. I have checked with a basic datatype also, but what ever the thing, it gives the access violation runtime error.

    please let me know if you have solution for this

    you can contact me at john_christopher_s@hotmail.com

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