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    vb sisko Guest

    link forms in different projects

    when i press a button in form1 of project1 i want to open form1 of project2
    i want the code.

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    Jaideep Guest

    Re: link forms in different projects

    In VB all form objects are private ot the project and are not accessible to
    other projects. Yet there is a workaround for the problem.

    Assuming Project1 is a Standard EXE and project2 is an ActiveX DLL

    Add a Class Module to Porject2 with Instancing property set to MultiUse.

    And Define the following function

    Private mfProj2Form as Project2.Form1

    Public Function ShowForm() as Object
    set mfProj2Form = new Project2.Form1
    Load mfProj2Form
    set ShowForm = mfProj2Form
    End Function

    In Project1, in the Button Click event create an object of Project2.Class1
    and call this method and save a reference to the form object returned by
    the method.

    - Jaideep
    "vb sisko" <tomaras@mail.gr> wrote:
    >when i press a button in form1 of project1 i want to open form1 of project2
    >i want the code.

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