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Thread: Invalid Data Source Error w/Datareports

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    Kevin Guest

    Invalid Data Source Error w/Datareports

    Has anyone encountered the following error:

    I have a dataenvironment that I pointed to a new server with SQL2000 and
    Window2000 (the old server is Windows2000 and SQL7).

    In the course of my application, I write several orders to the database successfully,
    but when I attempt to print a datareport I get the following error:

    Error code: 8520
    Invalid Data Source

    This occurs on the following line of code:

    rptOrderSheet.PrintReport False

    I can successfully access the database via the query designer and I can confirm
    that orders are written to my database via the application.

    This worked fine until I pointed the dataenvironment to the new server.

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


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    Dec 2006
    hi, how are you? i noticed you wrote down this error long time ago and no one replied, now i have the same error as you. i was wondering if you found out what the problem was and if you got it fixed, if you did please let me know what the solution was

    thank you

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