Hi there,

I am a 2nd year computer student & I have a very big end of year project
do & so I would like to do really well in this. The project I'm doing is
for a none existiant company called "The Video Vault" video rental business.
I'm using 3 forms; Form1. is a form with a command button called System Log-In
& when clicked, another Form2. comes up asking the user to Enter there UserName
& Password. If the UserName & Password is correct then the user is actomatically
logged into the system, but if the Password is incorrect then they are asked
to try again until they enter the correct Password. However, the Password
I'm using to allow the user to gain access is "Hello2002", but I don't want
this to be seen or printed, instead I want it to be as seen as most Password
entries are i.e. "*********", but I don't know how to do this. I also want
to be able to have at least 4 different Paswords, but using the same idea
as the one just mentioned. If anyone can help me on this one I'd be forever
greatful, anything at all that might help or put me on the right track. Keeping
in mind that I'm using VB6 & have only been doing VB for about over a year
now ! Thanks !


Tricia !