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    Jos Roijakkers Guest

    Calling Access97 from a VB6 program

    My VB6 program uses an Access97 database. This database also contains reports.
    The VB6 program starts these reports with the following lines:

    Dim MSAccess As New Access.Application
    With MSAccess
    .OpenCurrentDatabase "database.mdb"
    .DoCmd.OpenReport "reportname", acViewNormal
    End With

    I want the VB6 program to hold execution until the report has been sent to
    the print spooler. In other words: how can i detect from within the VB program
    whether or not the Access program has terminated?

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    David Woodward Guest

    Re: Calling Access97 from a VB6 program

    You need the access code to return a value to VB. Well sort of...

    Just get the Access program to set a flag in a table or variable and get
    the VB program to read this to make a decision on what access has done.

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