I have an Access97 application with one linked dBase table. This dBase table
is the datasource for another program we use to publish orders (FormFlow
Filler). We create and track duty with the Access97 application, write
appropriate order information into the dBase table with it, and then batch
publish all the new orders from FormFlow.

I recently upgraded the application to Office2000 and made all the
appropriate DAO reference and coding changes. The form used to write to the
linked dBase table, however, now gives me a runtime "Recordset not
updateable." error. In fact, trying to edit records directly in the table
also gives me this warning. I tried deleting the link and then relinking,
and noticed a strange new issue under Access2000 -- the table links but
without ever taking you to the option for selecting the appropriate dBase
index file(s). I am guessing this is where my problem is.

- How do I make a linked dBase table in Access2000 updateable?

- How can I force the connection string for the dBase table to use the
appropriate dBase index file, or coax Access2000 into asking for this file
during the linking process.