Remote Scripting and COM

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Thread: Remote Scripting and COM

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    Ching Chen Guest

    Remote Scripting and COM

    I am writing a web project which uses Remote Scripting and ActiveX COM created
    by VB6. Client's HTML calls to ASP remote scripting function which creates
    COM object inside it, doing all business logics. It works fine except that
    I can't get the value of parameter by reference back to HTML file. I can
    get value of remote scripting function returned though.

    Thanks, Ching Chen

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    Bob Duffy Guest

    Re: Remote Scripting and COM

    Hi Ching,

    I have spent a lot of time trying to this and gave up for a number of
    a) I couldnt get paramters passed by reference, only the [return_value]
    b) The Java applet used by remote scripting is a bit slow to load initially
    c) Debugging remote script code is a very slow process.

    When I have need for remote business rules I do one of two things now.
    a) Use DCOM from the client page.
    b) make the client load a "hidden" ASP page using an <IFRAME> tag.

    Maybe one of these routes may help.


    Bob Duffy

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    Sébastien Ros Guest

    Re: Remote Scripting and COM

    ASP only supports Variant type. So your parameters set ByRef must be
    Maybe this is the problem, if it doesn't, let us see a portion of the code.

    Sébastien Ros

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