I am writing a VB6 application that is storing data in an Access database.
The client has requested me to use an ActiveX text control in the VB app
that allows him to enter formated text,images, diagrams and etc.
I will use this text control box in place of the regular text control

Let me set up the problem:
In VB the ActiveX text control that I mentioned above has a DataFormatText
property with a choice of 'Text' or 'Binary'. I am chosing 'binary'

In the Access Database I am using the OLE Binary data type. (This seems to
be my only choice. I am not familar with this data type)

In the VB6 class object where this special text field is used, I use a 'String'
data type. (It seems to be my only option).

Here is my problem:
When I run the application I get a nice 'word processing like' screen that
I can enter text with special formating along with diagrams.

When the special text field goes from the form to the database it loses the
special formating and any diagrams.

I am new to VB and would appreciate any suggestions or tips anybody might
be able to offer.