Hi ,

I am using Access 2000 VBA. When I append to a table using VBA and sql statments
the date comes out as time. I have formatted all fields and text boxes and
get an overflow message when I try to format Date in VBA.

Here is my code

sql = "INSERT INTO Employees( Empl_No, details_No, Start_Date)"
sql = sql & " SELECT " & Chr(34) & NewEmplNo & Chr(34)
sql = sql & ", " & Chr(34) & Me.Details_No & Chr(34) & ", " & Date DoCmd.RunSQL

When I look at the record after the append the date shows the time instead
and when I formatted in vba using the following I get an overflow error:

Dim strDate As Date
strDate = Date
strDate = Format(strDate, dd / mm / yyyy)' I get the overflow error here

Thanks for any help