I'm tearing my hair out over what I thought was such an easy thing to do!
I'm using VB6 and the Data control. I have a number of text boxes linked
to Data/Time fields. I would like to be able to delete dates and leave these
text boxes empty but I either get 'Data Conversion error' type messages or
no message and no changes are saved. The problem is that Date/Time fields
cannot be zero length strings but should be either dates or NULL. I can't
set the text boxes to NULL and if I use Edit/Update it retriggers the Validate
function (which I don't want). If I set the text box CauseValidation event
to False it doesn't make any difference (a MS bug methinks). How can I delete
text boxes containing dates (linked to Date/Time data type) to leave them

Thanks in anticipation.


ps Am I being stupid by missing the obvious here?