I have an imagemap within a frame, in IE it works just as it should, but in
Netscape the map comes up as if it has no links at all. Netscape supports
imagemaps right? Following is the code. What am I missing? Any help is appreciated;-)---Gena

<IMG src="menu.jpg" width="139" height="344" border="0" alt="" usemap="#menu">
<MAP name="menu">
<AREA alt="" coords="84,199,36,221" href="home.html" target="main" shape="RECT">
<AREA alt="" coords="33,253,102,229" href="company.html" target="main">
<AREA alt="" coords="103,258,34,278" href="product.html" target="main" onClick="window.self.location='productmenu.html'"
<AREA alt="" coords="35,308,114,286" href="learn.html" target="main">
<AREA alt="" coords="34,336,93,316" href="contact.html" target="main">