Hello All,
Im new to stylesheets and have been looking into creating a simple mouseover
effect to underline my links. I placed this snippet of code on my pages:


It worked fine as far as I can tell - but only on IE. Is there a way to
get my desired effect on both IE and Netscape?

thanks much -


"Michael" <msanchez@devx.com> wrote:
>Brian, you can still use styles to keep it simple. Just add this code to

>style sheet.
>A.redtext:hover {color:yellow}
>The class has to be the same or the effect will not execute. I suggest using
>a different class name or none at all if it is for all links.
>"Brian" <brian.martens@wcom.com> wrote:
>>I realize this crosses over from HTML somewhat, but I'll ask anyway. If

>>have one or more links that I want to have a specific color I can simply
>>create a style with the syntax:
>>A.redtext:link {color:red}
>>and create the link with the code:
>><A HREF=whatever CLASS="redtext">
>>My question is that I need to incorporate that with a mouseover effect

>>will change the link text to a different color (yellow for example) when

>>user moves their mouse over the link as well as change it back to red when
>>the mouse is removed from the link.
>>Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.