I have a set of asp programs using ado to access foxpro 2.6 database for DOS.
The environment is PWS 4.0/Windows 98. I can see foxpro 2.6 data on the browser
and the speed to display is fast, about 3 seconds to completely display all
data. Notice that the database is in the PC runnning Windows 98.

But when the set of asp programs are run under IIS 4.0/NT4, the speed to
display data is very slow and not acceptable. Sometimes, the browser cannot
display all data and timeout.
This time the database is in the PC running NT.

I guess that it is the problem of ODBC because it is responsible for connection
between database and web server. I have checked several times that the setting
of ODBC is the same between Windows 98 and NT.

Can anyone help me? Do I guess right? If not, what is the problem and solution?

Thanks a lot.