For the moment we use the True DB list combo 6 (from APEX at that time).
After a lot of struffling we have managed to get it working but in order
to circumvent some features (bugs imho), we have had to open it programmatically
when the control gets focus. This is the only way in which we can guarantee
that the functionality we require woks as it should. In other cases either
the text that gets typed in disappears whenthe user clicks away from the
control, the selection disappears if the control is open and the user tabs
away etc...

I am looking for a replacement (commercial) control that has the following
required features :
1) able to display multiple columns
2) able to modify the dropdown width
3) working in unbound mode while NOT requiring all data to be loaded inside
the control
4) able to display icons (in the first column is enough)
5) able to support automatic lookup while typing (the combo scrolls to the
item requested)
6) all this is "locked" mode : the text the user types must be in the combo.

I was thinking of writing it myself but I don't have the time to do that
(any commercial component costs less than the 2 weeks I (optmistically) think
it could take)

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.