I have a C application that I wrote on an IBM iSeries which I ported to Windows.
Reason it is in C is that it uses ONC RPC functions to submit request to
some Unix boxes. On the iSeries we used MQSeries to pass request from a
billing system to the C code. I need to do the same in Windows. The billing
system in the windows platform uses Oracle.

What I need is the ability to read a record, go process it, then delete it
from a file and get the next and so on. Can I call some VB code from C to
get a record, pass it back to the C, let the C code process it, then let
the VB code know to delete it? Or should I write some VB code to read the
file, call the C code, wait for a response from the C code, then delete the
record and so on.

I assume VB since I see no where for supporting any file that I can read
and delete with C. Or am I missing something? If I do this in VB, can I
read an Oracle database with VB and if yes, what do I need to do it. I have