I know, I know, I know, let's look to the future but just humor me for a

MF, where can I hide?
MF, you can if you override
MF, VB is dead and I am filled with hate.
MF, don't worry you can now *delegate*.
MF, I spent 2 years writing a COM project.
MF, so what? celebrate everything not is an object.
MF, am I your son, mother or ferret?
MF, doesn't matter you can now Inherit.
MF, on error is a thing of that past.
MF, don't worry now you do a cast.
MF, oh VB my friend you have paid my bills.
MF, oh VB my friend no more DLLs.
MF, oh VB my friend you have taken me soon far
MF, oh VB my friend we now have the CLR.
MF, I learned all of your tricks.
MF, you died so young at age 6.
MF, run VB run, here comes the dark.
MF, Jonathan Allen has gone to C#.

PS: MF doesn't mean "my friend"