One thing is obvious in the hundreds (thousands?) of posts about
and there's more to the debate than purely technical
considerations. This is true for me, and I think it's true for many other
people here.

I'm going to explain why I think it's in My interest to go forward with
dotnet. I hope to see responses which explain why your perceived
interests lead you to the conclusion that is not a Good Thing[tm].

As one of the earliest component authors and president of a
long-established component vendor I have a serious and committed interest
in seeing the component market improve and grow. Having worked with .net
for some time now it's my experience that using .net I can write better
components in a shorter time than with any previous component platform.
If .net succeeds then I can provide better components to more people, and
make more money. That's an obvious reason why I support dotnet.

Related, but less obvious, is an issue of personal freedom and how I
perceive that MS has made it possible for me to live the kind of life I
want to live. MS has created an environment with countless thousands of
programming niches - viewing this from an ecosystem perspective - and
there have been tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people who have been
grabbed the opportunity to become their own bosses, or at least work in
association with a few people they enjoy working with. I work as much or
little as I choose, during whichever hours work best for me, and I do the
things my imagination (limited as it may be) conjure up as interesting and
potentially profitable.

To continue the ecosystem analogy I view it to be in my interest to
coevolve with MS - which now means adapting to and enhancing the .net
environment. I see no value in going with Sun and the other corporations
which - in my opinion - haven't provided anywhere near the opportunity for
people like you and me. And I resent their use of the federal government
to attempt to gain the upper hand in what should be a competitive
situation - which itself is a larger ecosystem with coevolutionary

So there are a few of the major ways in which I think it's in my interest
to jump on the .net bandwagon.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from those of you who argue against
the pain and expense which may be suffered by large corporations which
have a need to port exisiting VB6 apps to the .net platform. Don't forget
to describe why it is that you feel such pain for large corporations which
wouldn't hesitate a moment to hand you a pink-slip on christmas eve if
they thought it was in the self-interest of the management and/or

Ice Z - Straight Outta Redmond